The Qualified Academy Class of 2019 is ready to embark on a new beginning.

On February 23, the Two Wings’ community gathered for a celebration at Bel Air Church on Mulholland Drive, honoring the recent graduates of the Qualified Academy.

Our guest speaker, Amanda Jane Cooper, gave a powerful and moving testimony. Through life’s struggles, Amanda found purpose through her faith, and she encouraged our graduates to trust in the journey that their Higher Power has set out for them.

We also had the opportunity to hear directly from the graduates, who spoke of the impact that Two Wings has had on their lives. With the career skills, life lessons, and human connections they gained at the Qualified Academy, they feel empowered to accomplish their goals.

Reflections by our Graduates:


Alicia is now confident in showing the world who she is: “The walls are tumbling down around me, and I’m finally becoming the best version of Alicia.”





Veronica is ready to soar and design the life she’s always dreamt of: “Two wings helped me unlock my dreams.”




Amber discovered self-love and knows that the universe works in her favor: “Entering the Two Wings family, I lacked knowing who I was, but after graduating, I know that whatever I do will be great!”




It was an amazing day where we not only got a chance to applaud the work of our graduates, but we also had the opportunity to meet and make new friends. Lisa, a supporter of Two Wings, describes this day as “inspiring, encouraging, and hopeful.” It was a magical day where we witnessed the rewarding result of Elena Shahnaian and her incredible team’s efforts.

Qualified Academy Graduate Ceremony, 2019

So many of us left that day feeling thankful to be a member of Two Wings. Michael, a facilitator at the Academy, remembers what led him to join Two Wings. “I watched and read stories of sex trafficking for years, and after meeting David Batstone, President and co-founder of Not For Sale, I began to seek out organizations involved in the fight to eradicate trafficking and rehabilitate the survivors.” His eagerness to help sex trafficking survivors led him to teach a Financial Literacy class at our Academy. Thanks to our facilitators like Michael, our students are learning to manage their money, budget their expenses, and save for the future.

If you have a professional skill that you would like to share with our students, then we encourage you to become a career mentor or facilitator for our Academy. For more information, please email us at

Please help us in congratulating all our graduates!

Written by Stephanie Sandoval

Contributing Writer, Two Wings