Occupational Therapy


Qualified utilizes the Dwelle Collaborative Occupational Therapy Curriculum that is embedded into each component of our programs:

ACADEMY: During the academy, participants receive individualized Occupational Therapy consultation to help develop transferable skills from theoretical learning and foster a successful transition from training to workplace. In addition, group OT is also provided to build strong teamwork, communication, and conflict resolution skills through work simulation activities.

DO WELLNESS: HEALTH + GOALS CLUB: Monthly workshops and groups in a safe atmosphere for Qualified alumnae that facilitate peer support and continued learning opportunities for building healthy lifestyles and networks for successful transition into community.


  • An internship-like experience to launch toward gainful employment
  • For participants requiring foundational skills + confidence building time due to lack of work experience and opportunities
  • Focus is on interpersonal, social-emotional skills + interactions with professional relationships (employers, co-workers) as well as the public
  • Practicing learned soft + hard skills in a safe + supportive environment at a trauma-informed workplace
  • Customized Occupational Therapy Action plan for long-term goal setting to ensure wellness + life balance in the areas of work, self-care and leisure

OCCUPATIONAL THERAPY TRAINING + CONSULTATION SERVICES: Providing consultation and developing customized Occupational Therapy-based programs for non-profits, social enterprises, academic institutions and agencies working or looking to work with survivors of trafficking.

“Medicine adds days to life, occupational therapy adds life to days.” -Unknown