It’s Women’s History Month, and here at Two Wings we’re highlighting a survivor who is using her inspiring story to give back to the community. Sonya Lan is the definition of strength, wisdom, and hope.

Sonya is a life & business coach helping women discover their purpose, passion, and destiny. What makes Lan extra special, though, is that she also runs Pearls, a non-profit organization providing outreach to women in strip clubs and brothels in the Southern California’s Inland Empire  and Reno, NV. Pearls provides mentorship for women getting out of the life and connects them with organizations who can help with their immediate needs.

Sonya’s personal story led her through some dark times, yet ultimately, a search for her own higher power brought her back into the light. She details this story in her book, Unleashed: Learn To Live in Freedom, Discover Your Passion, & Unleash Your Destiny, available on Amazon.

Sonya grew up primarily with her father, grandmother, and two sisters – until a verbally and physically abusive stepmother entered the picture. After that, while she was a teen, Sonya moved in with her mother, where she started engaging in high-risk behavior: drugs, alcohol, and sex. At 15, Sonya became a mom herself. Her older sister was working at a local strip club and Sonya soon followed. Her younger sister worked at a nearby brothel; Sonya followed there as well. Strip clubs, brothels, and escort services; mix these experiences together and Sonya realized she had hit a pretty serious low. She knew she needed something, a way out.

One day, she walked into a local women-only Bible Study, and she never looked back – she says it was what she needed at exactly the right time. Sonya quit her jobs and committed to her relationship with Christianity.  To say she’s come a long way from her darkest hours is an understatement. She now uses her personal knowledge of strip clubs and brothels to help rescue other young women seemingly trapped in the life. Through Pearls, she is able to show these women how to create the life they’ve always dreamed of having.

Lan currently resides in Reno, NV and is the mother of seven stunning children. You can find her book on Amazon and learn more about her services on her website at