Fay Grant and Michelle Chavez founded The Tote Project because they have always been passionate about helping women and making a positive difference in the lives of sex trafficking survivors.

Michelle felt the need to be proactive and join the neoabolitionist movement after watching the documentary Call + Response. “Watching children in undercover footage of brothels broke my heart.” But she did not leave disillusioned. On her way out, she was given a list of ways to help the fight against sex trafficking. In that moment, she felt empowered and had faith that she could help others pursue their aspirations.

Having gone through difficult situations, Fay chose to use her experience as a way to help others lead a joyous life. “The Tote Project has given me a chance to bring hope and light into the lives of survivors, and I’m so blessed to be on this incredible mission with my best friend.

The Tote Project sells fair trade products manufactured in India by women who have made the brave choice to leave the sex trade. With their commitment to social justice, Fay and Michelle help empower those who dare to dream to be free.

Fay Grant

How would you define beauty in your own words?

 “Some of the women I’ve met through Two Wings are some of the most beautiful women. They have gone through difficult trials and have come out strong. Their beauty is inspiring to us.” – Michelle

Michelle Chavez and Fay Grant

The Tote Project supports organizations that help women to succeed.  What motivates you to give back to other women in your world?

“My daughter is what motivates me today. I want her to see that every difficult moment that we face, every fear that we overcome, is a chance to learn and grow into someone even better and stronger. Someone that turns those difficult experiences into the strength needed to fight back and make the world a better place.” – Fay 

“We wanted to make a difference in the lives of women who have been trafficked. God has given me a heart for helping others. It comes from Him.” – Michelle

Michelle Chavez

There are over four million people trapped in forced sexual exploitation globally. How do you hold on to hope?

“Every life is special. Pursuing that one person is what gives us hope.” – Michelle

The Tote Project celebrates the beauty that comes from freedom! Their collection of pouches and tote bags adorned with phrases reminding you to have a positive outlook on life are inspiring and worth having.  

Not only are they great accessories, each item comes with a Human Trafficking Awareness Card listing the possible signs of modern day slavery along with the National Human Trafficking Resource Center (NHTRC) toll-free hotline number: 1-888-3737-888. Fay and Michelle are raising awareness. Now, it’s your turn to help spread the word!

To help the fight against human trafficking, please visit www.thetoteproject.com and consider purchasing one of their totes. After all, The Tote Project donates 20% of their profits to Two Wings. Thank you, Fay and Michelle, for your tremendous work and generosity!

Written by Stephanie Sandoval
Contributing Writer, Two Wings