This month we are excited to feature a new organization called FaithStay. You’ve heard of Christian dating sites… well this is a Christian vacation rental site. And it’s awesome!

Justin Grado is one of the founders of He along with Amanda Reta and Sherrod Taylor started this organization out of a core belief that hospitality and hosting are a big part of Christian culture.

Justin Grado, Amanda Reta, Sherrod Taylor

As avid travelers Justin and his team have experienced the incredible impact that hospitality can have on a community. He and his wife spent a year traveling the world. Over the course of that year they stayed with several host families who also shared their faith. Some of the cities they visited were dangerous. Having the opportunity to connect with local hosts made their experience a better one.

Out of this experience FaithStay was born. is a platform for Christians to rent lodging to travelers who seek safe and loving accommodations found in Christian homes. FaithStay’s goal is to strengthen the community and they believe hospitality is the most powerful way to do that.

Travelers using the FaithStay app come from all backgrounds and beliefs, however the hosting is reserved for Christians. And FaithStay is already making an impact!! They have hosts in LA, Orange County, Nashville, and Atlanta! This has been a great way for hosts to earn a new source of income. In turn, each host participates in FaithStay’s Giving Back program. This program allows hosts to donate 10% or more of their earnings to organizations in their communities.

Individually, and as an organization, they feel it is their duty and responsibility to look out for those struggling and many of their hosts and travelers feel the same way. FaithStay contributes to organizations such as Nashvillle, LA, and Atlanta’s Rescue Missions as well as Two Wings.

Justin was greatly inspired by his mother-in-law Robin McInnis. She has been their biggest cheerleader, and is also a FaithStay host. Among her many involvements, Robin also leads an Adopt-A-Family program in Orange County, and funds World Vision water projects in Africa.

“She has helped me recognize that community doesn’t end at my zip code.” – Justin Grado

Robins FaithStay Vacation Rental

If you’re going to travel why not stay somewhere that gives back to local community efforts? What a wonderful way to explore the world while improving each community along the way!!! We are so impressed with the work the founders are doing at FaithStay.

If you or a friend would like to stay with a FaithStay host while traveling please visit Thank you Justin for contributing to the work we do here at Two Wings, and for all the work you are doing in communities across America!

Written by Jessika Fuhrmaneck

Lead Writer, Two Wings