Several times a year we share with you the personal stories of survivors we have worked along side with. Each time a survivor shares their story it requires a great deal of courage and bravery. Many sex trade workers and abuse victims experience shame associated with what has happened. They sometimes blame them selves for events that have occurred. Survivors I have worked with have expressed how vulnerable they feel when sharing with others the moments in their lives when they felt the most helpless. The first time I shared my story I was very emotional. But as time passed I felt empowered, and proud that I was able to help others find freedom.

Today we want to applaud the bravery that each and every trafficking survivor demonstrates when he or she shares their story of abuse and their journey to freedom. Their courage helps to bring us awareness of a dark reality so that we can then take action and effect change.

One site that is doing a great job of sharing survivor stories is Their first words are Survivor leadership is critical in combating sex trafficking and commercial sexual exploitation. Survivors’ voices demonstrate strength, courage and activism.

We could not agree more. Survivor leadership is when a survivor of trafficking finds a way to give back and contribute to the community. This usually occurs after years of recovery. Often time’s survivors have a great deal of understanding and empathy that is beneficial when working with trauma survivors. Their ability to demonstrate grace to other survivors is a beautiful thing to witness.

There are twelve brave survivor stories that have been shared on These children, men, and women have triumphed over slavery and are in a position now to allow their stories to bring hope and awareness to others.

Two Wings has begun its first cohort of 2017! Now TW will become a part of each and every participant’s story. Some of you have been contributors to Two Wings for many years. How have our Survivor Stories affected you? How have these stories motivated you to take action?

Two Wings is here to help our clients fly as high as they want to in to a new and hope filled future. Thank you to all of our clients who have been brave enough to share their stories. And thank you for letting their stories touch your heart and enact change.

If you or someone you know would like to volunteer with Two Wings please contact We are always looking for qualified volunteers with a heart to give back to our community.

Written by Jessika Fuhrmaneck

Lead Writer, Two Wings