Maria was born and raised in Sweden.  She met her husband while working on community development in the Himalaya Mountains in India.  Maria holds a degree in Anthropology and raises two children from their home in Sweden.

Maria developed a vision of starting a business with the purpose of supporting the fight against human trafficking.  “I have always had a desire to design.  Through LI ELLE LEI I found a way to use my passion for a good cause.”

How would you define beauty in your own words?

“Beauty speaks to your heart and satisfies your mind.  I believe that beauty is something positive and deeper than appearance.  For me, beauty comes from within.  An unselfish and loving action is beautiful.”    

What motivated you to start LI ELLE LEI?

“My husband and I wanted to use what we had to make a difference.  We wanted to create a positive change for at-risk girls and women around the globe.  Through LI ELLE LEI we are able to do that by donating a portion of our proceeds to organizations that help survivors of human trafficking.”

How do you hope to reform the image of beauty for women everywhere?

“Every culture and subculture has their standard of beauty.  I think there are many types of beauty, and these are constantly changing.  I want our business and the jewelry I design to make a quiet statement that beauty doesn’t have to be ‘loud.’  Our line reflects a simple form of beauty.  The LI ELLE LEI jewelry is delicate, light, and lovely.

I hope that by being part of the journey, we can lead women to see that their happiness and inner strength is what defines their beauty.”

LI ELLE LEI supports organizations that help women to succeed.  What motivates you to give back to other women in your world?

“For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to work with organizations that give back and create better life situations for others.  I believe that everyone can use their talents for a greater cause. 

My journey and choices in life have not always fallen within “the box” of the norm in our society.  Choosing a path and career in life, has been a struggle.  However, I believe that we should always strive to follow our hearts, and that challenges in life strengthen us.”

Who is the most beautiful person you know and why?

“Well, as a mother, the most beautiful people to me are my son and my daughter.”

Two Wings is so grateful for our partnership with Maria.  Maria’s creativity, generosity, and humanitarian spirit, make her an inspiration to women across the globe.  If you would like to help support LI ELLE LEI, take a moment to visit Maria’s site.  For every piece of jewelry sold, LI ELLE LEI will donate 10% of the profits to Two Wings.  Thank you, Maria, for your continued support and for helping to transform the image of beauty for women everywhere!


Article by Stephanie Sandoval

Contributing Writer, Two Wings