Megan Tierney, founder and CEO of LOUISE & ELEANOR, organized a Fashion Day for The Two Wings 2016 graduating class.  The graduates received career advice and style tips from self-starting individuals such as Verizon Executive, Janell Karimoto, Fashion Designer, Caitlin Decker, and Megan Tierney.  As a reward for working hard and striving towards academic and personal achievement, the graduating class received clothes, makeup, motivational books, and LOUISE & ELEANOR handbags!


The graduates of 2016 are incredibly grateful to the Two Wings’ supporters.  They will never forget the acts of kindness that touched their hearts.  The sincere attention they received when telling their life stories motivates them to believe in themselves and in the opportunities that stand before them.  The words of encouragement to pursue their dreams will define the path they decide to walk on. 

Here are some thoughts from two of our graduates.

“I was pampered by strangers that cared about me even before they knew me. They blessed me with their time and really listened to my story.” –Iantha

“It touched me that a successful woman like Megan is motivated by us.” –Monique

It was an amazing day.  Megan expressed her admiration for these women who have proven to be strong, courageous, and driven.  Each graduate I met is using her experience to give back and help others.  This says so much about the type of people they are.”   

The friendly environment allowed for everyone to be themselves and honest about what their passions are.  It is occasions like these that remind us what Two Wings represents, which is an organization that provides survivors with the tools necessary to reach their highest goal.  

Verizon executive, Janell Karimoto

One of our graduates said some words that reflect the essence of Two Wings and its supporters.

Selflessness is beauty that can be experienced across borders.  An emphatic human heart can cure the deepest of sorrows.  Generosity can cause extreme joy.”

That day we left with the reassurance that there are wonderful people in this world who donate their time and knowledge without exceptions.  We invite you to be a part of Two Wings and to help the humanitarian effort that continues to encourage our clients to pursue their professional objectives.

Two Wings is so thankful to have Megan as one of our partners.  If you would like to help support Two Wings, take a moment to visit her site.  LOUISE & ELEANOR will donate a percentage of every handbag purchased to Two Wings.  Thank you, Megan, for your continued support and for organizing this incredible event!

If you or someone you know is interested in contributing their time to Two Wings, please contact us at  We are currently looking for new team members who would be interested in helping with facilitating classes.

We hope to hear from you!

Stephanie Sandoval

Contributing Writer, Two Wings