TW volunteers, interns, and friends of the TW family gathered together at The Belmont for a night of dessert, dinner and drinks.  Many of us got a chance to meet new people and to learn about our different roles with Two Wings.  Others who learned about the event via social media became newfound supporters of the Two Wings family.

We are so appreciative to all who joined us and contributed to the Two Wings’ fund by purchasing food and drinks.  Proceeds will go towards the professional and personal development programs for our clients.


It was a wonderful night where interns and teachers were able to interact and learn about their mutual passion for helping survivors and being a part of this journey.  The evening was a night of celebration.

During the evening we were able to share our favorite moments and how Two Wings has motivated clients to surpass the limits of their imagination:

“My favorite moment was hearing each graduate give her speech on how Two Wings provided them the practical resources and connections to detach themselves from their former lifestyles completely.” – Myra, Two Wings Intern

“It’s important to me to support Two Wings because while many non-profits are doing great work in rescuing survivors, there are not many organizations that provide rehabilitation services, and rehabilitation and reintegration are crucial to the success of survivors.” – Melinda, Two Wings Intern 

“Two Wings provides survivors a loving and supportive community in order to grow and flourish.  In the mentorship program, young survivors build a friendship with a mentor and from what I’ve witnessed, forge life-long relationships.  In the academy, Two Wings offers essential courses for survivors to gain the necessary skills they need to embark on their desired career paths.” – Anita, Two Wings Teacher

So many of us left that night feeling motivated and inspired to help this life-changing process.  We encourage you to become a part of the Two Wings community.

If you or someone you know has an interest in teaching our clients computer skills or helping with event planning, please email us at  We will send you information on how you can help change the lives of our participants.

Hope to see YOU at the next community dinner!!



Stephanie Sandoval

Contributing Writer, Two Wings