This week we were able to gather many of our TW volunteers for an appreciation BBQ at the Two Wings headquarters. We had an opportunity to show our gratitude, get feedback, and give them a chance to meet our other fabulous volunteers.

We are SO grateful for all that they do to make our programs a success and to help guide our clients on their journeys. Our volunteers teach classes, take mentees on outings, and provide one on one coaching.


It was a great experience for facilitators to meet each other and other team members, like our security team, our interns, and our writing team. So often we work alone or in small groups and don’t have the privilege of laughing together and hearing stories about others’ dreams and goals. This was definitely a night filled with joy.

We even made time for brainstorming and problem solving! Volunteers gave us feedback about their experiences, and how we can make our Academy an even more enriching time for the next cohort starting this month.

Time was spent clarifying how we can better serve the participants, and how we can improve in various areas. A great way to grow and improve is to invite others on the journey with us. We are so grateful at Two Wings that we continue to have the opportunity to partner with these amazing volunteers who are incredibly talented and willing to give so generously of their time and resources.


During the evening we had an opportunity to reflect on some of our most memorable moments.

“One of my most memorable moments was when I received a selfie from one of the participants and their career mentor. It warmed my heart and brought me a lot of joy to see her happiness.” – Brian, Two Wings Partner.

“I really love that volunteering with Two Wings allows me the opportunity to work directly with survivors and to witness their success first hand. It makes the issue so much more human, and it’s exciting to see how the participants are blossoming and taking control of their lives. I’m so proud to be involved.” – Alana, Two Wings Volunteer.

Through out the night we were able to hear so many stories like this.   We share these stories with you so that you might have an opportunity to be a part of what Two Wings is doing in the Los Angeles area.

We are always looking for more volunteers and mentors.  If you or someone you know has an interest in facilitating a class, mentoring, or helping with the security team, please email us at We would be thrilled to send you detailed information about our needs for the summer cohort starting this month.

Hope to see YOU at the next volunteer BBQ!!


~Jessika Fuhrmaneck

Contributing Writer, TwoWings