From a young age I knew I was passionate about helping people and being creative. Initially I thought I’d be a counselor for young women, but it was my mom who saw that I loved to dress hair and play with makeup. She suggested beauty school. Eighteen years later I still feel like I get to help people and be creative. 

Beauty is continually evolving… but it is forever the quality in a person or thing that gives pleasure to the senses. I often think of what it feels like to smell and look at a flower; there is intricate beauty that comes from a little seed, blossoms into a work of art, and gives life to those around it. 

Beauty to me is Joy. Grace. Silhouettes. Texture. Color. Vulnerability. Honesty. Courage. Laugh lines. Eyes that smile . . . grey hair. The fabric of someone’s character and heart. The ability to love oneself. The selflessness of loving another. 


There are a few amazing women in my life; women that I admire. I have a woman in my life that is like a mom to me. She is so beautiful in the way that she sacrifices for those around her and has made a home for all to enjoy. Her laugh is enveloping, her hugs heartwarming, and her advice is a well of wisdom. 

I’m grateful for all that I have been given. Many people have helped me in my life and I would not be where I am today without their love and support. When I give my time, my resources for others in need it keeps me humble and centered on what is important. 

I truly believe that each woman has her own unique beauty, her unique essence that is to be celebrated in this life, explored, and empowered. I think the world is changing it’s own image of what beauty is. It’s no longer about being something but more about authenticity. Exploring who you are and expressing that. There is a newfound freedom in embracing life and being vibrantly alive. This is beautiful. 


We’re so grateful for our partnership with Sunnie. It is a true pleasure to know her. If you would like to help support Two Wings, take a moment to visit her site.  With the 2012 launch of her online boutique, Sunnie has pledged to contribute 10% of all shop proceeds to Two Wings. Thank you, Sunnie, for your continued support and for the way you transform the image of beauty!

-Jessika Fuhrmaneck