Ever since I joined Two Wings, I’ve noticed words, phrasing, and even vocabulary more than ever. Which is saying something for a writer. I’ve noticed the way we utilize language to describe bad situations, like “I just raped that deal” or “Keep your pimp hand strong”. It’s become so commonplace and it’s a little concerning. But I’ve noticed it remarkably more so in music and popular songs as well.  There’s been a noticeable trend lately in the past few years where it almost seems like the objectification of sex and women have almost become the norm. And it makes me so sad—but more so, it makes me angry. Since when has it become so commonplace and almost unnoticed that the norm is to use women as the butt of jokes, shame them for their sexuality as well as condemn them for not being explicit enough?

Maybe I started noticing it when Three Six Mafia won an Oscar for their song “It’s Hard Out For a Pimp”. But even then, I didn’t know what to do—all I remember is thinking that I wanted to vomit twice—once for what it was celebrating and another for the fact that it was considered the Best Single of The Year. But lately, especially after hearing stories and learning more about the trafficking industry, I’ve been going through my own iTunes library to see how many songs I unfortunately downloaded solely for the catchy tune or the foot trapping beat instead of actually paying attention to the lyrics. And I’m slightly ashamed to say how many songs I deleted.

Music is one of the oldest art forms and there’s that old saying that selling bodies for sex is the oldest profession in the world. So it makes some sense that the two have intertwined over the years. But how is it okay? And how do we change it?

As with everything, we start with ourselves. We get involved. And we notice how we play a part in it. Then we slowly change our own habits, we speak up, and we become the change that we wish to see. So with all this being said, it’s the little things. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day and look how that turned out.


Until next time,