Two Wings: Helping Women Love Themselves!

Two Wings is a nonprofit in the Los Angeles area that I have been introduced to in the past few months, and I think what they are doing is pretty amazing.

“Two Wings uses education, mentoring and life coaching to empower at-risk youth and survivors of sex trafficking in achieving their dreams in the greater Southern California region.” –

The organization was started in 2012 by founder Elena Bondar who dreamed of helping these women find the job of their dreams and change their lives forever.

It isn’t just the every week educational workshops, resume and application support, and mentoring that make this organization great. They often hold events to fill these women with joy and help them to love who they are. This week I tagged along to a makeover event that was donated for three of the girls that Two Wings works with. This is the second year they have done the event, and they hope this year to grow it to include a greater number of clients.

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The event was at the Ciela Spa and Robert Vetica Salon in the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. The hotel has a creative vibe, with a lot of modern sophistication. The girls loved being pampered, getting their hair styled, and makeup finished. The salon workers where so gracious in donating their time to these women, and the makeup artist did an amazing job making them feel amazing, and they deserve it!

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At the end of the night the girls were each given a generous gift bag from the make up company, Stila Cosmetics, SLS Hotel, and the Robert Vetica Salon. 

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If you would like to volunteer with Two Wings, or donate to help these women change their lives, then head to to learn more! Thank you to Elena for the work you do with Two Wings, and thank you to all those who volunteered to make this event happen! 

Story and Photos by Cassie Kebler
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