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Tyler Knott is an up and coming poet as well as a brilliant photographer based in the glorious state of Montana. He was recently featured as part of our Valentine’s giveaway, collaborating his haikus with various teas. Throughout this interview, you’ll be able to feel his passion for not only Two Wings but charity as well. Here’s some insight into what inspires him as well as what keeps him moving and shaking.

Two Wings: What are you most passionate about and why?

Tyler Knott: Passion, for me, has always been a thing that kind of seeps into every aspect of my life.  I’m a passionate person, probably too much so at times, and I think the target of it tends to change and flow throughout my weeks.  I am passionate about art, and the creation of it.  I love writing, I love my photography business more than I can express, I love music and nature and love and trying to understand what drives people to do the things they do. It’s the little things for me, the little moments, that I’m passionate about exploring.

TW: What drew you to Two Wings and decide to partner with us for our Valentine’s giveaway?

TK: I came to find Two Wings via the amazingly talented and kind Sunnie Brook.  She reached out a few months ago and told me about the charity, as well as the people it’d be helping.  Initially I donated the use of my haiku to the tea party they had at Katharine McPhee’s house, and a relationship was developed there.  Once I met Elena, I knew it was a charity I would love to be a part of , and a cause I could really stand behind.  I think  sex trafficking and the sale and profiting of women (and I do realize men are victims of this too, but in the case of Two Wings), is a cause that needs more male support.  Elena and I spoke and while it is magnificent how many women stand behind the victims and the cause, it needs to have more men on board.  I was honored and flattered to be a part of this, and I hope to continue to do whatever I an, in any small part, to help.

TW: Is it important for men to get involved with causes like this? Why?

TK: As I mentioned, I think that as unfortunate as it is, the vast majority of “power positions” in politics, business and society are held by men.  In all of them, the figures are something astounding like over 80% of the positions in each.  This is a trend that I believe needs to, and will change, but as such, there needs to be more men that support causes like this, causes that directly affect women and that are so often championed by women.  It’s not even just that men need to get involved, it’s that people, everywhere, need to get involved.  I’m on board because I want to try to help make that the case.

TW: What would you suggest on getting involved with a charity such as ours?

TK: To give what you can, when you can, and then to continue that.  It’s such an amazing cause, and it’s for such amazing and strong women, the least we can do is give of our time, money, energy or talents.  It’s a big world and for far too many it’s not a fair one.  The more we can do to try to tip the scales back in their direction, the better.

TW: You mentioned previously that writing keeps you sane and grounded. When did you know you wanted it to be part of your professional life?

TK: I never, ever planned on it being at all part of my professional life, nor did I with photography.  I always practiced both those art forms because they were ways for me to try to show the perspective I looked at the world with.  I think my mind sees things differently than some people, and I haven’t always been the best at verbally explaining it, so photography and writing were ways to show those that meant the most to me, the way I tick.  I am still every single day shocked that I am able to make any money at all doing it.  I am lucky, really lucky.

TW: Any favorite poem or written work of yours that comes to mind?

TK: To be honest I don’t really know how to answer that.  Most generally when I am done writing something, I leave it and I do not really revisit it.  I tend to not read my things, almost ever, so as for favorites, I don’t really have one. They all are snapshots of where I was at that exact moment in time, so some of the ones that people feel are most beautiful, for me, were really hard times.  If that makes any sense.

TW:  Where’s your favourite place to create art?

TK: I actually write EVERYWHERE.  I carry around either a mini notebook or my cell phone with the notepad application open, so I can constantly jot down lines, poems, or even just thoughts.  My favorite place though, is probably my living room of my house.  I am up above the city lights, a mountain and 100 miles of woods for my backyard, and you really cannot complain with those variables.  I can see the sky, and I love it.

After  interviewing Knott, it’s obvious his  passion for others as well as the greater good constantly affects both his personal and professional lives. He’s a brilliant person inside and out. And it was a pleasure getting to know him  better.


Until next time,