Hey Internet and Two Wing friends, I’m Dana—your new blog writer and contributor. 20 something, passionate, socially aware, City of Angels resident. Where to start my first article? So many ways and such little time. I never thought I’d join a team fighting against sex trafficking—maybe drug trafficking or reproductive rights—but never human trafficking. I never really knew what this particular industry was about but I knew it was awful and had too many repercussions we weren’t talking about, which needed to be discussed pronto. So I reached out to Elena to see how I could learn more and help out. So here I am and I’m so incredibly excited to be a part of it. I figured, having friends and family in the drug realm could transcend industry lines and be somewhat applicable, right? Because after all, how different could trafficking be between drugs and people?

I’ve always been a writer in some way, shape or form. And I always knew I wanted words to be a part of my life—they were my own way of escaping and understanding reality. It was my own personal catharsis. And I’ve always had a heightened level of compassion and an intrinsic desire to help others. So why not combine the two? And with Two Wings, it gave me an opportunity to learn more about the sex trafficking industry while also using my talent with words to raise awareness about such a hidden, taboo topic. I had to start somewhere and somebody has to change the world—so why not here and now? And why not me?

Who inspires me? Besides the cliché family, friends, and power chords? Tyler Knott, definitely. His poetry and photography are so grippingly beautiful, it sticks with you. His passion for giving as well as the written word transcends thru the page and into your soul, it’s a little terrifying how much you can relate to him without having met him. As far as friends? Sha’ran Lowe and Nate Cox are at the beginning of their artistic careers and it’s stunning. Sha’ran is a teacher turned painter, hosting an annual event at a local Northwest children’s hospital, and Nate’s working on his first novel. Their passion for helping others as well as using their artistic endeavors to understand the world around them has only increased my need to understand the lives around me.

So where will your dreams take you? And when will you let them start leading the way?

Until next time,