Dear Dreamers,

Thank you so much for your generous contributions to Two Wings this past year! In 2013 we were able to put your tax deductible gifts to great use – but I’ll get into all the details of our growth in just a bit.

First, please let me tell you the story of Michelle.


After years of victimization by sex traffickers Michelle had finally broken free. But given the freedom to choose her own path, Michelle was left staring into the void. Words like “dream”, “future”, and “opportunity” were vague concepts to her. She had no idea how to step forward…

Who would assist in the transition of reuniting with her young daughter?  

Who would teach her the skills necessary to land a job?

Who would help her identify passions and then translate them into a long-term career choice?

Who would guide her in the college application process and wade her through complicated financial aid programs?

Most importantly, who would help Michelle see that her life and future were worth dreaming for? 

You. Yes, through your support for Two Wings and its Life Coaches, Educational Workshops and Mentors, you were there for Michelle in all these ways and more. And for that, I am so grateful.


Your donations allowed Two Wings to GROW in so many areas, equipping us to serve Michelle and other clients like her. Some 2013 MILESTONES:

  • Moved Into Our First Office Space

We are now able to train our life coaches, volunteers and interns in one location in downtown Los Angeles. This office also provides a safe place to meet with current and potential clients.

  • 14 Volunteer Staff in Various Positions

We utilized 7 interns working in areas such as event coordination, journalism, office staff and grant research. And there are 7 workshop facilitators teaching everything from “How to Use Public Transportation” to “Mastering Job Search Skills”.

  • Substantial Growth in Clients Benefiting From Our Programs.

20 young women attended Two Wings workshops in 2013. 2 clients transitioned from shelter to independence while pursuing a new career. And 1 client is successfully pursuing a college degree.

  • Expansion in Fundraising Activities

Our first annual High Tea Party brought influential women of Los Angeles together to learn more about our mentoring program. We also partnered with 4 Los Angeles restaurants to raise funds and awareness through community “Family Dinners”.

  • Addition of Strategic Partnerships

We have 2 new Artist Partners committed to contributing 10-20% of their net proceeds to Two Wings, and 2 new Community Partners. contributing in-kind gifts, directly benefiting the women we serve.


Michelle is just one person, one story. As we head into 2014, I am very encouraged by the response to the services we offer, but there are so many others we haven’t been able to serve yet.

Won’t you consider partnering with Two Wings once again? It’s still not too late for aYEAR-END GIFT, and it’s not too early to commit to a MONTHLY PARTNERSHIP for 2014.

There are some specific ways we’d like to invite you to participate in the transformation of another woman or young girl:

$100 per month sponsors SIX MONTHS worth of EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS! You’ll be directly responsible for one client learning HOW TO CRAFT A RESUME, HOW TO PURSUE A DEGREE, and even HOW TO MAKE HEALTHY FOOD AND LIFESTYLE CHOICES.

Partner at this level and receive 2 Tickets to our 2014 Gala! Additionally, you and a friend will be invited to TWO of our GRATITUDE DINNERS, catered by one of LA’s TOP CHEFS!

$75 per month sponsors ONE LIFE COACH for ONE CLIENT for ONE FULL YEAR! A woman in need will receive INDIVIDUAL DIRECTION & ENCOURAGEMENT ONCE A WEEK! It’s in these sessions that our clients rebuild self-esteem and brainstorm ideas for their future with trained Life Coaches, setting them on the path for success.

When you partner at this level, you and a friend will be invited to TWO of our GRATITUDE DINNERS! Hosted in a private setting and served by one of LA’S TOP CHEFS!

$50 per month will help immensely with administrative costs and expenses associated with running a non-profit in Los Angeles.

Join us at this level and receive an invitation for you and a friend to ONE of our GRATITUDE DINNERS! (Did I mention that this dinner is catered by amaaaaazing chefs??)

$30 per month can make more of a difference in a client’s life than you can ever imagine; it may just pay for those cups of coffee that entice a frightened young woman to come in from the cold while someone listens to her story and offers her hope.

Join at this level and be the first to know about upcoming events and also receive DINNER FOR 2 at one of our “Family Dinners”, held quarterly at LA’s trendiest eateries.

We gladly accept ONE TIME GIFTS as well! For $100 or MORE, receive a COMPLIMENTARY APPETIZER & COCKTAIL at one of our “Family Dinners”!


Michelle is now in college pursuing a career in Drug and Alcohol Counseling. A true success story in the making, ready to contribute positively to our world! Won’t you help us reach other women and young girls with your tax-deductible contribution? Who knows what they’ll bring to the world when THEIR dreams are fulfilled!

I wish you the Happiest of New Years and hope to hear from you today!


Elena Bondar | Founder & CEO