As I reach the end of my summer journey at Two Wings, I look back on the past months with fulfillment and satisfaction. I am so glad to have had the opportunity to be apart of such a prestigious organization with huge hearts for helping those in need. Our weekly meetings were home to informational discussions where I learned an enormous amount on all aspects of the sex trafficking trade. I also enjoyed attending the workshop that enlightened me of all the problems I had never even considered before. This time together has lead to a formation of friendships with ladies and a gentleman who will always hold a place in my memory as people I made a difference with.

My internship has not only taught me how to further develop my writing style but also to engage my readers in something that is worth reading. One of my favorite parts of my assignments was that it would be read in order to raise awareness on the issue. As I learned about the many tragedies of the epidemic, I was able to transfer it to a blog format that anyone visiting the TW site would see. It’s been such an amazing opportunity that I would like to continue on in my return to San Jose State University.

Fortunately, the road will not end here. Two Wings has incorporated a campus correspondent position for me as I begin my third year at SJSU. Going into this internship, I wouldn’t have been able to distinguish between a victim/survivor from a prostitute. I am now happy to be so educated on the issue that I have also found motivation to continue on in my activism. I’m hoping to find other organizations up north and on campus that closely relate to the mission of Two Wings. I will then be able to touch basis with TW and write about what the Bay Area is doing to help. Since my school is so close to one of the major sex trafficking cities of San Francisco, I expect to see many efforts of eliminating the unlawful activities. Still though, I am aware that a lack of citizen and law enforcement involvement may be the exact reason that high industry cities like these are so prospering.

Although I will not be able to physically engage in the activities at Two Wings, I am looking forward to extending the organization’s eye to a different perspective. It is my intention that I use my student resources to see how much more we can do to help these victims and survivors in dire need of our assistance. I realize now that if we come together on awareness and get involved, our communities can accomplish anything in numbers. I am so appreciative of Two Wings’ influence on me and highly encourage any of our readers that are interested in becoming apart of an organization to reach out to this one. I promise you will not be disappointed!


Yours Truly,

Taylor T.