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I was with a group of girlfriends at one of our ritual dinner parties. We always plan these around different cultural cuisines; this night was our Mexican Fiesta. As we sat at the table enjoying a family recipe, we exchanged thoughts and opinions about recent news of the Boston marathon bombings. I discovered that we all have a shared hope that after 9/11 our American culture would not become parochial due to The Danger of a Single Story (perfectly expressed by a favorite storyteller, Chimamanda Adichie.) It is true and upsetting that a single story can lead to a critical misunderstanding of people in varying cultures, and to avoid this weak mindedness, we must emphasize our similarities, not our differences, in order to keep our dignity as a human race.

The talking continued (we are girls after all!) switching quickly from one thing to another — news, war, love, beauty. Our conversation landed on a recent article (discovered by dear friend Asia Ragland, jewelry designer of Feliks+Adrik) about the current culture of Seoul, South Korea. She told us how common plastic surgery had become with Korean woman; how music & fashion have morphed their perception to believe that a “westernized” appearance will bring them good fortune, and possibly change their destiny. It made my heart so sad to hear that these women couldn’t find truth in the God-given beauty of their unique traits.

Throughout history, every culture has used beauty as a tool for language. Hairstyles and makeup techniques have translated marital status, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, religion, health and discord. Over time, the diversity of our styles have remained to be a means of communicating who we are. From Africa, to Asia to Europe to the Americas, our history as a human race has proven that beauty has a voice.

However, that voice does not always hold a positive connotation. And we want to change that.

The SB Beauty Team, as a part of our founding mission, dedicates its efforts to celebrate beauty with impact. In the coming weeks, the Blog will focus on the diverse beauty of women. Our posts will highlight real women, giving you tips & tricks on their personal beauty insights. We hope this content emphasizes that we are here to build a community that serves, supports and empowers our individual endeavors. As women, we are complex. We are individually unique and we all bring something different to the table. But not to worry – there’s a long, long table with a place setting for us all. AR

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