IMAGINE Gallery photo taken by Izzy Holden

The Bagavagabonds list themselves within various definitions of the word.  From “a unified body of individuals…promoting human welfare” to “the quality or state of being brothers;” the meaning of the word is open and available for whatever you need it to be. This – is what The Bagavagabonds are truly about: the endless possibility of unification. To be there for whenever the occasion, the cause, needs them to be and open the minds of all the brothers and sisters who share the experience together. For us at Two Wings, we were thrilled to share a night of imagination with them.

July 21st  at the Family Room Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, the Bagavagabonds gentlemen put forth innovative efforts to entertain our guests.

IMAGINE” was a black and white photography exhibit that also included a unique community piece, the “Color Me” mural wall, in which any of the attendees could draw and contribute their own art to The Bagavagabonds signature move to unite through the expression of art.

However, art was not the only form of expression available to the guests. A more vocal and intimate expression was constantly on play inside the Smart car doors. Labeled as the “smart confessional,” it simulated ease and comfort of one’s own car and provided the background to numerous stories of both small and big moments of any given life. The raffle was also a great hit as one of a kind Kelli Murray tote bags were given to every guest who just entered the raffle – a prize just for participating!

We wanted to reward anyone willing to donate to our cause at Two Wings.

The Bagavagabonds brought the community of Los Angeles together for art, dance, music, and raising $3,100 for our organization.

Another word comes to mind when we reflect on the a special moments shared on Spring St. with The Bagavagabonds: heart –

“…the capacity for sympathy; feeling; affection.”

No one can deny the heart in IMAGINE.


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