Son’s Wishlist:

Sara’s Wishlist:

  1. How many kids: 1
  2. Ages of kids: 18
  3. Clothing and shoe size for each child including gender:

Male/Men’s large and 10 1/2

  1. What are the kids currently into:

He still really like Dragon Ball Z, PlayStation, XBox, Anime, Pokémon Legos

  1. What is your favorite thing to do as a family:

We like to go to the beach, watch movies, spend time together at home, go out for ice cream dates, go for hikes, go for bike rides

  1. What career are you pursuing

Drug and Alcohol Treatment counselor/coach 

Advocate for teen awareness of trauma and addiction.


We are so incredibly grateful and feel continually blessed to be surrounded by so much love from Two Wings and they’re supporters. My son and I had been through so many challenges, and as we began to grow closer, heal and overcome some very uncertain and scary times…the most major shift happened when I was able to participate in their program. My courage and self worth was fed through their belief in me and the amazing tools we gathered in class. I had been focusing so diligently on my personal recovery that I hadn’t quite begun to really look at my future, education and day to day responsibilities that I would need to have a stable, self sufficient life. Throughout attending Two Wings Academy,  my life took a turn, for the very best, better than I could have ever imagined. To go from suffering, broken, homeless and disconnected to healing, thriving, succeeding and having an incredibly amazing, always strengthening relationship with my child is more than I could’ve ever done alone. The gifts we’ve received from people like you have been so much more than what money could buy. We will carry the gifts of your kindness, compassion, encouragement and love, in our hearts, throughout this lifetime, yes, but it nestles in our souls to carry with us through many more. Our gratitude and appreciation will be shown in our continued success as goals are met, dreams are sought, happiness is a part of our daily lives and love and joy live in our actions. Thank you so so much for sharing this path with us, wishing you the most beautiful holidays and thank you for being a wonderful part of ours.

**If you choose to ship items, please be sure to include the mama’s name. Shipping address: 11011 Crenshaw Blvd., Ste 102, Inglewood, CA 90303