Leadership Transition FAQ

Will Qualified continue to provide services in Los Angeles?

YES! We are continuing to provide career developmentĀ for survivors of trafficking and women/youth at risk of being trafficked in the Los Angeles area.

Will the organization's name change?
No. All programs and services will still be under the Qualified name housed at the Viable, Inc. organization.
I made a donation in 2024, will I be receiving a donation receipt from Viable, Inc. or Qualified?
At the end of the year you will receive a summary of your donations for the 2024 year from Viable, Inc.
Will my donations still be written out to Qualified or do I need to change it to Viable Inc?
For the time being you can write your checks to Qualified, but note that eventually we will be reaching out to update your information to include the Viable, Inc. name.
Will Qualified be expanding to provide programs in Tennessee where Viable, Inc. is headquartered?

Yes! The plan is to expand the programs to TN at some point in the near future.