Amber M.


  1. How many kids: 4
  2. Ages of kids: 6, 5, 5, 3 months
  3. Clothing and shoe size for each child including gender:

    – boy #1: 6/7/ Shoe 12

    – girl #2: 5/6 Shoe 10

    – girl #3: 5/6/ shoe 10

    – girl #4: 3-6 months

  1. What are the kids currently into:

    – the girls love unicorns, frozen (Elsa and Anna) and Doc Mc stuffins 

    – the boy is into Spider-Man hulk black panther , superhero related things, 

  1. What is your favorite thing to do as a family:

    – we love to go camping in the living room for movie nights 

    – going to the park. I do have a backyard but nothing for the kids to do.

  1. What career are you pursuing

    – my goal is to get my BSN but first I gotta become a RN


This past year has been very difficult for my family. My kids were removed from me in May of 2019. They have been returned oct. 2020 and it’s been a challenge. My kids are sweet but whatever they experienced in the foster home during our separation was extremely traumatic. We are rebuilding our bond, thankfully my children are young so there is plenty of time for healing. This year Christmas I pray will be a good experience for them. I went from homeless to us moving into our home, and I am beyond grateful to the good Lord for seeing us through when I didn’t see an end. This is my little family and our newest addition.

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