1. How many kids: 2
  2. Ages of kids: 11 (Twins)
  3. Clothing and shoe size for each child including gender:

    – Justin #1: Sizes adult Small Shirts ~ Pants 14/16 : / Shoe adult men’s 8 1/2

    – Jordan #2: shirt Large kids ~ pants 14/16 / Shoe boys 6/ 1/2

  1. What are the kids currently into:

    – boy (jordan) fortnite baking Minecraft 

    – boy (Justin) cameras llamas green screen legos

  1. What is your favorite thing to do as a family:

    – we love to bake and have movie night 

    – we go to the beach & park

  1. What career are you pursuing

    – Graphic Design

    – Entrepreneur

    – Art


Hey hope all is well and you’re enjoying your holidays I just wanna take time to thank you this year hasn’t been hard enough this means the world to me. I am beyond grateful for the gesture and help – Thank you!

  • Yours truly Alicia R


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