Give a presentation to persuade others to choose a favorite product you own, activity you enjoy, or place you like/want to visit. Use the concept web below to jump start your ideas. Come up with as many as possible before selecting the idea for your presentation. Feel free to add more branches!

Presentation Delivery Options

  • Google Slides


Components of a Successful Presentation

  • Introduction Slide (Warms up the viewer with a welcome and evokes intrigue)
  • Purpose (Gives meaning and reasoning)
  • Organization (Provides better understanding and creates more interest)
  • Visuals (1 visual per slide)
  • Limited, intentional, and bulleted text (No more than 3-5 bullets with no more than 5-7 words)
  • Concluding Slide (Wraps up the content and leaves the viewer with a “moral to the story”)