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Personal Narrative

A personal narrative outlines one event in your life. It could be a success or a failure, a change in your life, a realization, a childhood memory…anything. If it would be interesting to write about, it would probably be interesting to read. Think about a circumstance in your life that led to some result, consequence, or lesson learned. It doesn’t necessarily have to be huge or significant. Sometimes, the simplest of thoughts or circumstances can lead to a kind of poetic eloquence. If you emerge from your narrative thinking, “Yep, that’s exactly what it was like”! then you have succeeded. There is nothing too small if it effectively communicates your message.

Personal Narrative Examples

There are many places online that have published personal narratives on a variety of topics.


Personal Narrative Brainstorm

Directions: Brainstorm ideas, details or information about one of the following prompts in the space below. 

    • Write about a time when you had to make a good first impression
    • Write about a time when something unexpected happened
    • Write about your proudest accomplishment

You may use a brainstorming technique such as freewriting, making a list, creating a word cloud or concept web. Write anything that comes to mind.